June 18, 2009

First Web App "reviewed"

To be honest, I haven't "reviewed" this site yet from a functionality perspective - I just can't get past the first glance.

Sweetwater County, WY MapServer application:

When the map text and labels are that garbled at first viewing you have to think of a few things:

1) turn the text layers off
2) fix the damn text placement
3) have some dynamic dependencies so that the labels will turn on at a certain scale so that they are not so offensive at first glance. I mean really?

If the tools you use can't do the right job (MapServer... text placement / conflict detection?!?!) - then work around them. Throw some buffers around the names, do some padding, use smart scaling, something... anything...
Ok... must cool off. Many, many others to write about.

What I will say however is the site has some nice touches and I do actually like the application. The Help is quite good (always important) and I love the info bar at the bottom that includes projection, lat / long, scale, etc., etc. They've done a good job here.

The site itself is quite quick as well - so that's always super plus in my books.

The colors on the Voter Precincts leave a lot to be desired, but not many GIS'ers get coloring correct. Thank God for Cynthia Brewer!!

More to come...


  1. This should be fun! You're going to make some great friends I see...

  2. Hopefully not *all* the sites reviewed will be bad!

    I have a few great ones over the next few days to highlight...