June 23, 2009

Talk about timing...

An interesting "discussion" on Twitter at the moment including @cageyjames and @dbouwman - give them a follow if you're on Twitter.

Some of the Dave's highlights:

- "The thing about the sample viewer is that the architecture is good, but ppl are not re-mixing the UI enough..."

- "that's why consultants who roll out vanilla "Sample Viewers" should be publicly ridiculed..."

- "if "Joe GIS" rolls out a Sample Viewer, OK, it's not his job to bring the kung-fu... maybe ESRI should do a skinning contest???"

That is the number one reason I started this blog. I'm so sick of the standard, tired, vendor-created templates getting sometimes national praise, when there are many options out there to spice things up a bit.

I'm on the case - there are many a boring GIS website to be outed...

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